Sell your old vehicle and receive cash right away!

If you’re looking to get rid of your old car cost-effectively and hassle-free, go no further than Atlas Auto, the top Car Wreckers Taupo. Our team will provide full service, from delivering honest bids to removing vehicles quickly and for no cost.

We can pick up your junk cars for wrecking promptly, competently, and transparently because of our deep expertise in the auto wrecking industry. Therefore, if you’ve been putting off getting rid of that wrecked car cluttering up your driveway and maybe harming the environment, now is the time to do it. If you need to get rid of a scrap automobile and could use the cash, call the Taupo car wreckers at Atlas Auto.

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Quick Service for Car Wreckers by Atlas Auto - Get fast and efficient car wrecking services for all makes and models

We’re your trusted car buyers

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A car wreckers yard with a variety of dismantled vehicles.

Car Wreckers Taupo

You can sell your old vehicle at Atlas Auto Car Wreckers in Taupo for a fair price. To do so, utilize our cash for car service if you need an immediate payment for a car you no longer require. More than that, our dedication to auto recycling will help us meet our sustainability goals while also benefiting the planet.

We can help you remove the old car, bus, pickup truck, 4×4, SUV, ute, or commercial vehicle collecting dust in your driveway.

Why Choose Atlas Auto?

Any Car/any condition

We assess every used, scrap, or damaged vehicle we want to buy and make a fair cash offer based on our findings. We guarantee top, competitive pricing for your vehicle.

Same Day Free Removal

As per your scheduled date and time, our team will be there on time. We value both yours and our time.

Professional Service

We place a high priority on customer satisfaction. To achieve that, we have highly trained personnel who will handle every part of the sales process without any hitch.

Instant Cash

When you sell your vehicle to us, we will pay you the agreed-upon price instantly.

Fast Service

At Atlas Auto, we pride ourselves on providing prompt customer service. The entire process of selling your car, from the moment you contact us until we collect the vehicle, can take place within 24 hours.

Customer Support

We provide unparalleled customer support to our customers. Our team will be with and guide you every step of the way from the moment you contact us and tell us about your vehicle till we do the car collection.

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Scrap Car Wreckers Taupo

3 Simple Steps

If you’re ready to get cash for cars in Taupo. Atlas Auto Ltd is one of the leading car removal Taupo service provider in the Waikato region. We buy al vehicle/ any condition.

Car Wreckers Taupo

By calling us, you can have one of our trained appraisers look over your vehicle and make sure you’re only presented with the best possible offer. We’ll take the car’s age, make, model, and exact condition into account when making you an offer.

A pile of wrecked cars at Car Wreckers Taupo by Atlas Auto.
Car Wreckers Taupo by Atlas Auto - Reliable Auto Recycling Services

Best Car Wreckers in Taupo

Our junk car removal team will travel to your site at your earliest convenience, free of charge. If you live in Taupo, we will come to your home and tow your car away for free, then pay you in cash on the spot.


Sometimes it’s tough to track down a replacement component. If you need low-cost, high-quality replacement parts, you should look into buying second hand parts. If you are in the Taupo area, your best bet is to contact Atlas Auto. We have the largest selection available at the lowest possible pricing, and our products are in pristine condition.

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Car Wreckers Taupo - Atlas Auto provides reliable car wrecking services
cash for cars

Sell Your Vehicle Fast. Easy. Free - Car Wreckers Taupo

Submit your vehicle details. So, that you get the best instant cash offer for your vehicle.
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What our Customers have to say?

Awesome Service! I was looking for a particular part all over the place and finally found it at Atlas Auto! Very Cheap friendly team to deal with. Mega Vehicles and Parts! Highly Recommend! A++++++

I sold one of cars to Atlas. The service was outstanding. Through phone and even personally. I will highly recommend there services. I had some dealings with them in past Had the same treatment

Quick fast easy to work with. Way cheaper than the tyre shops and the tyres are pretty much brand new. Try these guys out before you go for broke at another shop. Recommend to everyone. Thanks guys.

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Atlas Autos is Taupo’s preferred vehicle wrecker, and they’ll give you cash for your junk car in less than 24 hours if you follow their simple three-step process. Take the following steps to close the deal.

Contact Us

We promise to get back to you as soon as we receive your information on our online form. If you'd rather speak to our unparalleled customer support, dial 0800997000.


We'll dispatch an inspection crew to your location to determine your vehicle's fair market value.


We will pay you on the spot once you decide to sell your car to us. Your junk car can be hauled away from your property by our towing service at no extra charge.

Wish to get rid of your abandoned car or scrap? Contact us and let’s discuss how you can convert your car to cash.

FAQ: Car Wreckers Taupo

We buy vehicles of all makes and models. All you have to do is contact us.

Once we’ve determined the car’s condition through an inspection, we’ll give you an offer based on the outcome of the valuation. We pay up to $12,000 depending on the findings from our appraisal.

Atlas Auto can arrange to have your old automobile picked up from anywhere in Taupo and recycled. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll take care of the details.

No. When our team of experts arrives at your location, they will collect the vehicle and pay you.

No. The team will get the automobile and pay you as soon as they arrive at your location. 


When do you want to find out how much your junk automobiles are worth? To receive helpful, professional service from our auto wreckers in Taupo, dial 0800997000.

Get in touch with us today for free cars for cash removal in Taupo, Waikato regions.

A wrecked car being dismantled by professionals at Car Wreckers Taupo, operated by Atlas Auto

Receive A Free Car Valuation With Just A Couple Of Clicks For Your Damaged Vehicle!

Provide your vehicle details and we will give you a no-obligation cash offer.
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Terms & Conditions

  1. In case of helping our driver, you are responsible for your own health and safety.
  2. By signing, the seller agrees that he/she is acting in good faith.
  3. A comprehensive OWNERSHIP CHECK will conducted before the purchase.
  4. The seller agrees to remove and return registration plates to the authority.
  5. The vendor warrants that the goods herein stated are his/her sole property and are free of all encumbrances both at law and in equity and there is no impediment whatsoever to his/her giving possession and a good title to the goods immediately upon the execution of this agreement and the covenants contained in this clause shall constitute a condition precedent to this agreement and further should at any subsequent date the purchaser suffer any loss through a breach of this clause by the vendor, then the vendor will upon demand made of him/her by the purchaser make good to the full, any and all such losses. Goods sold remain the property of the vendor until the financial transaction is completed.
  6. The payment is G.S.T inclusive
  7. Atlas Auto Limited take no responsibility for any outstanding road user charges. Customers should be aware of safety measures in the car yard.