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Scrap my car for cash

Get the best price for your scrap car

Thinking of scrapping your car then get an instant quote today! Atlas Auto offer cash for your car regardless of condition and operate a free collection service nationwide.

  • Scrap a car near you: Scrap your car for a cash deposit, using a car scrapping and collection service in your local area.
  • How it works: Find out why so many people say Scrap My Car, and how easy the quote and collection process is.
  • NZ wide service: We offer a free collection of scrap cars throughout New Zealand. Get the best priced instant quote in your area.

When it comes to car scrapping, we offer the best prices

Wondering how to get the best price when scrapping your car? No problem. At Atlas Auto, we guarantee to get you the best price, no matter where you are in the NZ. It’s simple: just enter your car rego and details, and get an instant online quote with the best price. No paperwork, hassle-free.

Once you’ve scrapped your car with us you get a GST purchase receipt after which the NZTA can refund you any unused rego & RUC. Now that’s value for money! To get a better idea of how much you’ll get when you sell your vehicle, click here to see our price guide.

We provide a free collection of scrap cars!

We make things easier for you here at Atlas Auto, with free collection nationwide of your old car. It’s the perfect option if your End Of Life vehicle isn’t running, or if it doesn’t have rego or WoF. Just tell us when and where you want it to be picked up, and we’ll do the rest!

One of our fleet of collection vehicles will swing by to pick up your unwanted car – you don’t even have to pay any fees, as we can scrap your car and provide free collection service.

We don’t like to keep you waiting, so we’ll finalise your payment upon collection, and then you’ll have your cash in your hand. That’s why we’re rated Excellent based on over 100’s of customer reviews.

We ensure that your car is either reused or recycled

Selling your car to us means you’re helping to improve lives. We recycle your scrap cars or trucks in a green and eco-friendly way. Thus, we take care to stay green when we scrap your vehicle.

Car recycling is a key part of our service here at Atlas Auto. Our aim is to divert 100% of vehicle waste from going to landfill so that every part of your vehicle is reused. When you sell your car to us, you’re helping us to keep our environment green and clean!

Get an instant scrap car quote – Atlas Auto

Atlas Auto will give you an instant cash price for your car. Simply enter your car registration number, vehicle details and click “Get An Offer” for an instant price that will have you saying “Scrap My Car!”.

We offer you the best price for scrapping your car and no hidden charges. We also, provide free removals of your vehicle from your property.

So, if you’re thinking It’s time to say “scrap my car” – then look no further. Get your online quote now and join the hundreds who trust us as the number 1 company for scrapping their car for cash.

Scrap Your Vehicle Fast. Easy. Free

Atlas Auto is Paying Cash for Cars. Instant Top Cash Paid – Free Pickup – Up-to $12000.
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  6. The payment is G.S.T inclusive
  7. Atlas Auto Limited take no responsibility for any outstanding road user charges. Customers should be aware of safety measures in the car yard.