How to Sell An Old Car & Get Cash

How to Sell An Old Car & Get Cash

Nothing lasts forever, and it’s very true for cars. In just a few years, a new car starts to show its age, bearing scratches and dents and demanding an occasional repair. But it doesn’t take much longer yet until it’s just an old car. You can always sell an old car though.

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Sell My Old Car Fast

You take pride in the car you drive, don’t you? It’s well past time to get rid of it, but it’s not always simple selling an old vehicle. Whether you have a broken-down car, a little more wear than someone would expect, or you’re selling a car with high mileage, you should prepare for a challenge.

Don’t worry too much, though. We have a few suggestions on how to sell an old car fast & easy.

How to Get The Most Cash for Old Cars Near Me

1. Sell Your Old Car in The Newspaper

You can sell an old car the traditional way – put an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Complete with a single black and white photo, you can sum up your car’s features in 40-60 words, maximum.

You still have the option to take out an ad in the paper, but it’s certainly not as effective as it used to be when the time comes to sell a car. Who even buys the newspaper anymore?

2. List Your Old Car Online

For greater exposure, full-colour photos, and as much detail as you’d like to put in the listing, choose an online advertisement. Trademe, for example, or or Facebook Marketplace are good opportunities to sell an old car in New Zealand.

But there are still annoying issues. You have to respond to car buyers enquiries, meet them somewhere, haggle with them, and make sure their payment is legit. You don’t have time for that, do you?

3. Park It with a For Sale Sign

If you live on a street with high traffic volume, park your old car at the end of your driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign on the windscreen. It’s a good way to attract attention, especially if you’re selling a car as-is. It’s not easy to meet someone when your car is old and not working quite right, so let them come to you.

But if you park it with a for sale sign on the window, you need to put your contact information on it and be available for prospective buyers to look at it.

4. Parting out a car

If there’s no way someone is going to buy your old scrap cars and be able to drive it again, perhaps you could sell it for parts! It’s especially a good option if the engine still runs and the transmission still works. You’ll be able to get the value out of selling an old car for parts that way.

Keep in mind that selling an old car for parts in that way takes a long time – like, really long. You’ll have a safety hazard parked on your driveway for months or years until all the good stuff is sold, but even then the leftover shell needs to be disposed of. It’ll cost you to have it towed away to the scrap yard. You might have to consider if selling an old car for parts is worth it.

Should I fix my car or Sell it As Is?

In Short – Here’s How to Sell Your Old Car for Cash

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