How much do wreckers pay for cars?

How much do wreckers pay for cars

Considering the condition and model of your car, its worth might be from $50 to $12,000 to car wreckers. It all depends on what percentage of your vehicle would be salvaged into parts and scrap metal. For Example: If you have an old, scrap 1000-1500 kg car, that most of the parts can’t be used than you might receive $150 because of its mostly scrap metal.

But it is relative at this point since we don’t know what Model, Make, Age or Condition it is, to provide you with car wrecking prices.

But let us be real for a moment here. Sometimes there are situations when a car is worth much less, let’s say $50 dollars. This might be because of the car age, the parts and the condition of the car are very low quality.

Which means: You can’t expect Any Auto Wreckers to pay $150 for your car if it is salvageable only into scrap metal. And that metal worth half the price.

However, you can find out how much your old car is worth filling out a FREE online quote form or calling us at 0800 99 7000 today!

Do you have an old, damaged or unroadworthy car?

Atlas Auto can buy your unwanted car for up to $12,000 in cash, the same day in a hassle-free buying process. Our scrap car prices are above the industry standards thanks to our Unique Wrecking Process when extracting.

How much do wreckers buy cars for?

Wreckers can buy cars for $150 to $12,000, and it is calculated by considering the current trends of the Scrap Metal Prices per Kg this year, Your car age and Condition. The process of Scrapping a car and what parts of the vehicle are usable and other relevant factors. This is usually the average Price to expect for scrapping vehicle in New Zealand

But don’t worry, if the car worth is higher upon inspection, you will get paid higher. But there are cases when a car is not worth even a $100 dollars.

Wrecked Cars Value or Price

Here’s a breakdown of how these factors play a role in determining your wrecked car’s value:

  • Location – Where you live plays a huge role in what you’re able to receive for a wrecked car. Your proximity to a salvage yard and regional price of scrap play a role in how much you can receive for your vehicle. The popularity of certain vehicles in an area may also affect how much money you are able to make, as certain wrecking yards will pay more for specific models.
  • Year/Make/Model – While there are still many older vehicles on the road today, the demand for parts is not always consistent. For example, hundreds of people still drive Toyota Corolla, but the demand for those parts is relatively low because most of the Corolla’s that are taken off the road are truly at the end of their life. Another thing to consider is how cars change from year to year, and as vehicles become more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly, more plastic may be integrated into the bodies, which decreases the metal weight.
  • Condition – This is pretty simple to understand, but it’s worth mentioning. If you are driving a pristine, clean, and smooth running wrecked car, you’re more likely to get more cash for it. If you’re really driving a rusty vehicle, then it’s going to be bought for its scrap value, rather than the value of its parts.
  • Current Price of Scrap – This is probably the most important factor in how much you receive for your wrecked/scrap car, if only because most wrecking companies are buying vehicles for the metal value, rather than the parts. If the price of scrap is down, generally you will not be able to receive a high payout for your vehicle, even if it is in generally good condition.

These factors are not the end-all for determining your wrecked vehicle’s value. With some vehicles, you can potentially get even more depending on the individual components. What we mean is that sometimes the components of a working vehicle can make you more cash than an equivalent scrap car that isn’t working. Keeping all of this in mind, it’s important to do your research before selling your junk car, so you can receive the best price possible.

Should I Sell Car to wreckers in New Zealand?

Selling the car to wreckers is one of the fastest and hassle-free processes to get rid of the unwanted vehicle. The reason is that they take care of everything for you, and you can get rid of that car for cash the same day.

However, If the car is worth, you might consider selling it someplace else. That is because most of the car wreckers, even we at Atlas Auto have some general calculator for each car, condition, and age. And that usually applies when Selling a car for scrap metal.

When we come to inspect the vehicle, your you might be offered more cash if it has more significant value

It doesn’t matter if you have a Toyota Hilux for sale in Hamilton, Waikato, or looking for Toyota wreckers in Tauranga; Atlas Auto Pretty much got you covered with their Car Removal or Cash for Cars New Zealand Services.

What is Cash for Cars Service?

cash for cars, wreckers pay for cars

Cash for Cars is a Service that most auto wreckers are offering. A process wherein exchange for your car you receive money. Here usually you can get from $50 to $12,000 in cash. It is very customer satisfying process when we buy an old scrap vehicle and get them to cash the same day.

What is Car Removal Service?

Car Removal is usually a Free Service that gets that junk, non-running vehicle removed from your yard. General knowledge here is that most of the people think that they need to pay for this service. In Fact, if you call any wrecker in New Zealand, they will remove that broken car, truck, SUV and pay you up to $12,000 cash for it

We offer almost all of our services for free, get you cash and pay you the most.

Should you be taking the car to wreckers?

There is no need for you to be taking your car to wreckers because most of the auto wreckers come to you for a Free pick up!

It doesn’t need to be in running condition, and our friendly staff will arrange to get it on the truck.

Atlas Auto can come to you anywhere in North Island, NZ. We service mainly Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki & Auckland.

Looking for a wrecking yard near me? You can grab a quote and schedule to get your car picked up, and have cash in your hand all in the same day!

How much my old Car is worth to Atlas Auto?

Selling cars to wreckers, how much do wreckers pay for cars

Your car might be worth from $50 to $12,000 to us. But have peace of mind, because we are offering more! We are using our own unique Atlas Auto Wrecking process where we get you the most cash for your car.

The whole process is efficient because we try to use most of the vehicle parts, metals, glass, liquids to get you a nice amount of cash for your vehicle

Want to find out How Much Wreckers Pay for Cars? Contact Atlas Auto today for a car wreckers quote by calling 0800 99 7000 or filling out our online form!