How to Sell A Car in New Zealand?

How to Trade in a Car for Cash

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Step 1: Prepare and Clean Your Car

Take it to the car wash: Don’t try to sell something you wouldn’t want to buy yourself. Nobody likes a dirty car, especially buyers, so make sure to clean your car.

Take car pictures: Great photos are the best way to stand out to buyers. You will want to take lots of them since this is primarily how buyers evaluate a car.

Collect car documents: You’ll need a few important pieces of paper in order to sell, such as the ownership paper and photo id. Complete online sold or disposed of a vehicle on NZTA website.

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Prepare and Clean Your Car

Step 2: Complete the Sale

Once a buyer contacts you, gather all your documents and paperwork and schedule an appointment. Be prepared to negotiate a bit on the price. When the time comes to make the payment transaction, the best way are cash or cash check ideally from a local bank.

how to sell your car in NZ

Step 3: Transfer Ownership

Before you hand over the keys or sign over the ownership, make sure the payment has cleared. Sign over the title and get a purchase receipt. Be sure to have the purchase receipt.

To complete the vehicle sale, you may need to contact the NZTA to notify them of the sale. At this point, you may want to contact your insurance company to cancel the coverage attached to the car.

How to sell a car in New Zealand

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