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Are you ready to get rid of an old car? Rather than posting a ‘for sale’ sign on the back of your car, there are better ways to get cash for your car. See the ways to get paid and have your old car towed away for FREE in 24-48 hours!

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to keep sinking new money into your old car for repairs and maintenance. Sometimes you’re just ready for an upgrade, or you don’t want to look at that rusty old scrap vehicle anymore.

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, Atlas Auto will help you get rid of your car by giving you the best cash offer for the true market value of your car. It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, whether it has extremely high mileage, whether it’s suffered a wreck or been totalled, we’ll make an instant cash offer for practically any vehicle.

How to Get Cash for Old Cars Quick, Easy & Free

If you’re wondering how to get rid of an old car for the cash, you have a few viable options depending on your location.

  • The first place most people turn to when they want to get rid of a scrap car is the local scrap metal yard. Unfortunately, most local scrap metal yards are flooded with incoming cars these days, which means they’re likely to waste your time with lowball offers or pressure you into selling for a price you’re not comfortable with.
  • You could try a private sale on Trademe or AutoTrader instead, but those can take weeks (sometimes even months) and involve inconvenient car showings and inviting complete strangers to your home—which isn’t always desirable.
  • Instead, why not sell your car quickly, easily & free with Atlas Auto? Our online request for quote form will get you an instant cash offer for the fair market value of your vehicle, and each offer comes with FREE towing from your home, office, or practically anywhere in the North Island; mainly we cover Waikato & Bay of Plenty. That means you can get rid of a car without even having to leave the comfort of home!

Atlas Auto Buying Cars in Any Condition

Here at Atlas Auto, we’re the experts at estimating and buying cars in as-is condition. We buy scrap cars, pickup trucks, vans and 4wds every day—making instant cash offers on vehicles just like yours over the decade. We’ve got one of the best reputations in the industry and we’ve been doing this for over a decade, so you can sell with confidence when you’re dealing with Atlas Auto.

We’ll also come and pick up your vehicle completely FREE of charge from almost anywhere in North Island, NZ. Each of our offers is the best cash, and we’ll never pressure you to sell—so you’ve got nothing to lose. Just click HERE to find out what your old car is worth today!

Get Rid of My Car in 24-48 Hours with Atlas Auto!

Stop worrying about how to get rid of a car and start the process of getting quick cash for your car or truck today! Atlas Auto provides best no-obligation cash offer— helps you to get rid of your unwanted vehicles.

If you get a better offer from somewhere else, you’ve got no obligation to sell. If you think we could do better, don’t hesitate to contact one of our vehicle buyer experts and see what we can do for you. Freephone 0800 99 7000

Once you call us and after that, we will book an pick up of your vehicle, we’ll send a tow truck out to pick up your vehicle for FREE and pay you cash in your hand on the spot. We will remove your vehicle anywhere in North Island within the next 24-48 hours. Don’t waste money fixing an old broken car when you could get quick cash and upgrade into something better FAST with Atlas Auto! Check how much your car is worth now.

Areas Served – North Island, New Zealand

Atlas Auto pick up cars, 4x4s, vans or trucks throughout North Island, New Zealand! We service all major cities & areas in North Island.

To find out more about the service area. Call us on 0800 99 7000

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